GREENBAJ is a subsidiary of Bajafar Brothers Company.

Founded to work in the field of alternative energies systems and technology of water & sewage treatment.

Excellence in accordance with work and the application of partial solutions and bring global agencies with high quality and prove themselves in Sudan promising market, especially in the field of alternative energies.

Our mission is to delight our customers with our integrity, quality products, experience, knowledgeable and caring staff, competence, and superior customer service. We are dedicated to offering real support to our clients by providing and delivering to everyday people and businesses, economically viable and environmentally sensible alternatives to their fundamental energy needs through clean energy alternatives.


Bajafar Medical:

BAJAFAR MEDICAL, part of the Bajafar group, is a leading provider of healthcare products and services in Sudan established in 2004.

We bring unique, high-quality items and services to the continually growing markets of:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical devices and consumables
  • Healthcare operations and management
  • Infant nutrition and baby care products
  • Cosmetics

Bajafar Medical is the exclusive agent for manufacturers based in Egypt, Jordan, Denmark and China.

We pride ourselves on our extensive distribution capabilities which cover all regions of Sudan.

  • Manufacture, import and distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical products.
  • Medical analysis laboratories partnerships in management and operation.
  • Hospital management and operation.


Electric power:

BAJAFAR BROTHERS is an agent for several companies, and one of the main distributer of Schneider Electric in Sudan.

According to the natural need for the electrical business, the founder of the Bajafar Brothers established tow show rooms, to distribute our electrical equipment’s:

  • Malik Electric – Alhoria branch.
  • Malik Electric – Alsagana branch.


Rittal Technology:






Work in network agency with turn on 25 million pounds, the company offers its services through five different channels:

  • Web-based app
  • Desktop app
  • POS
  • SMS
  • Mobile App

The company is certified by the Bank of Sudan, has a Partnership with Nile Bank and MTN Telecom in providing CASH AMAN and Mobile Cash services.

  • Exceeded 800,000 transactions monthly
  • Owns 49% of the current market as a third-party.
  • It’s Quarterly growth rate in the range of 20% and 30%.
  • Stability of the service helped the growth and development of the transaction rate (1,800 to 30,000).