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Bajafar Group:


 Bajafar Group story is a story of growth and success. Our corporate philosophy is simple; our customers are our business partners. The group has scored and achieved rapid expansion by virtue of effective internal management of Bajafar Group team and by the shear hard-work of all those involved in managing and directing the company.

1-   The group of  Bajafar Multi Activities consists of:

  • Bajafar Brothers Advertising
  • Bajafar Brothers for Media Services (OMG)
  • Think Plus
  • Bajafar Medical
  • Sigma
  • Almokhtabar
  • Deramaphrm
  • Saha
  • Rittal Technology
  • Malik Electric
  • Schnieder Electric
  • Sudanile
  • Fit

Bajafar Brothers Advertising Company:

The Company Scope:

Our Mission:

Help our clients to beat their competitors and generate substantial lasting financial impact.

Our Vision:

T o make the different.

Our scope:

Advertising is therefore often regarded as the most important means of marketing a company’s services and tools. Despite the obvious expense involved in advertising, companies still recognize the vital role it plays and despite financial difficulties caused by the economic recession, advertising and marketing is one budget companies are less willing to cut. Accordingly the scope of advertising is ;  Creating new market for the product and expanding existing market same time, communicate a message to current customers or potentially target new customers, helps a company get a message or a piece of information across to their customer base regarding a new product or special deal

 Why we are different?

Bajafar advertising is organized to make your business different and unique, we look at the business as an integrated cohesive whole, help companies find where to make their money, make more of it faster, and sustain its growth longer, and Bajafar  is dedicated to help them to prevent their business in an effective way that reflects their utmost, help to make the big decisions on strategy, finance, organization, operation, technology, and mergers/ acquisitions, where appropriate, we work with clients to make it happen, which may mean fundamentally changing the company.


Outdoor Media Group (OMG): 

We established in 2005 to provide Quality and innovation outdoor advertising solution.

What we offer to our customers?

  • Wide range of exceptional media choices to get the advertiser’s message across.
  • Providing tailor made solution.
  • Fully dedicated team guarantees the “go to market” of any advertise campaign in less than 24 hours.

Our work:

  • Billboards 8×4 and 6×3(m) in the regions:

We cover all the important and major cities in Sudan; Madani, Hassahissa, Gadaref, Kassala, Atbara….

  • Hoardings 20m x 10m:

We were the 1st to introduce this medium in Sudan with huge structures and enormous sizes, in key spots and highways, Khartoum, Bahri, Oumdorman, Madani and other cities in Sudan.

  • LED 4×3 Meters:

Placed strategically – in 10 well thought out locations, HD Enhancing Screens;  for excellent visual quality, Moving message – have been proven to catch the human eye’s attention up to 8 times more that a static advertising  billboard, Multiple Message Provider; that allow advertising companies to run multiple campaigns on the same screen.

  • 4×3 Billboards:

   The 12 sq m panel will secure your message exposure, the” eye level” factory is key in outdoor, the use of “pre-wet” paper will give the advantage of repaid installment and high quality printing not to mention the price factors as well, 400 faces strategically located in side Khartoum, Expanded to Bahri & Oum Durman with 150 faces, we’ve expanded to Madani having Exclusive rights of Outdoor in all sizes, started with 150 faces installed in strategic locations.

  • 8×3 Backlit:

The 8×3(m) backlit = 24 sq. m located a long primary and secondary roadways in urban areas, our network of billboard is high visible to vehicular traffic, Khartoum: 48 faces installed in strategic locations, Oum Durman: 4 faces installed in strategic locations.

  • BTL Items:

We are presenting Express International and Premium Partners in Sudan, both companies are leaders in Promotional Items and Agendas in the Middle East.

Added Value:

  • We own the latest technology in Digital Printing
  • Guarantees high quality and long durability
  • Maintenance is our top priority
  • Confidentiality.
  • One of leading companies in the field of innovative, promotional products and on-pack promotional material.
  • Our team’s expertise in planning and delivering promotional products anywhere in the world, ensures a total commitment to fulfilling and achieving the true potential of our clients’ promotional campaign.
  • Our multi-faceted experience, market presence and history make us ideal business partners who provide added value to any promotion by making it distinctively stand out.

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  • One of the leading companies in the field of innovative corporate diary market

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Our Clients

We are global and regional preferred supplier to

  • Pepsi Cola International
  • Nestle
  • Kellogg’s
  • Procter and Gamble
  • Kraft
  • BAT
  • JTI
  • Unilever
  • Energizer

Think Plus

Who we are?

We are a fully fledged Ad agency

What we provide to our clients and partners?

With various fields of expertise, we provide our partners with a variety of communication services ranging from

–          Communication strategy

–          Creation of traditional and online campaigns

–          Concept and creation of websites

–          Events & public relations

Planning and media buying

Our 7 years experience in the market has put us in the front rows when it comes to Media Planning & Buying, we do handle exclusively major blue chip accounts such as Unilever. Due to the lack of research & monitoring, we do have a full set up to monitor our campaigns as well as the competition covering all types of media.

Event Management & Full-Service Program Implementation

We took advantages of our experiences and techniques to win our partners satisfaction in all the events that we achieved:

  • Nile bank launch – February 2013, The event was under the patronage of the Governor of Khartoum, with TV, newspaper and radio coverage.
  • Sed Marawe opening – January 2012, It was under the patronage of the Minister of Electricity and the Governor of Khartoum with TV, newspaper and radio coverage
  • Lifebuoy campaign “hand in hand” – October 2011, with the association of Unicef and Ministries of Youth and Water. The event was covered by TV, newspaper and radio.
  • Axe concert – December 2011, Concert with the Groove band which is a famous band in Sudan targeting the youth. It was with TV, newspaper and radio coverage.
  • Signal  Live, Learn, Laugh Awareness Campaign – April 2012,  Conference for the importance of brushing the teeth with the collaboration of the Union of Sudanese Dentals and International Federation of Dentists .
  • Areeba- Telecom. & Mareekh- No.1 Sudanese football Club.
  • Fair & Lovely Sampling Operation – Jan 2011, It was present in around 15 weddings; we had the opportunity to reach in each ceremony around 500 to 700 Females. F&L presence during weddings became crucial for invitees. The outcome of this idea was very rewarding for the brand.
  • Lipto Launching – Jan 2011, the exposure was very high; Lipton appeared every night during the program, avoiding zapping and reaching 100% the Sudanese viewers. Moreover, we blocked all the competition; even the main sponsor exposure couldn’t beat Lipton coverage.
  • Lipto in Ramadan 2011, TV episodes production for 31 days/episodes.

Our Recent Work in Sudan

–          AlNile Bank

–          Knorr

–          Haggar Holding – ( Pasgianos,Coldair)

–          Emirates Airlines

–          LG

–          Rotana

–          Rexona

Bajafar Medical

Bajafar Medical is a partner and has the exclusive agency for Sigma Pharmaceutical Industries.

Bajafar Medical has the exclusive agency for

  • Dermapharm: the Danish market leader in providing innovate eco-friend skin care products.
  • BPI : a manufacturer of quality range of medical devices that meets the demands of physicians and most healthcare sectors in Sudan today.
  • Teef Najd: trading company that specializes in equipping hospitals, providing medical supplies and devices.
  • Nutidar: Manufacturer of a full range of infant and baby milk formulae and cereals.


Has an independent department for Distribution of pharmaceutical products to pharmacies, hospitals, wholesalers and institutions all over the country covering around 3000 pharmacies directly. While the remaining pharmacies served through wholesalers.  

Rittal Technology

Our Vision

Our vision is to maintain a sustained contribution to make a tangible difference in offering e-services and the related applications in e/m commerce.

The high degree of technology convergence and application cross-over between different technological outputs of wireless messaging platforms and the related back office applications, and POS- related applications nudge Rittal to develop respective applications and services to emulate this pattern.

The prospect of the technological leap requires respective e-services to meet the incessant demands of the community and a far-sighted vision for knowledge transfer and enhanced e-services. Our strategy is to align IT and business goals with unique approach.


Rittal, the leading company in Sudan in providing integrated solutions in e/m voucher for prepaid services (Utilities, Internet, Fund transfer, Airtime credit transfer). The company also develops management information system, SMS messaging platform applications, workflow automation, Geographical Information System (GIS), web-based applications, hardware supply, cards and vouchers printing, storage area network centers, disaster recovery centers and handheld- related applications.

Electricity e/m voucher National Project

Rittal is implementing electricity e/m voucher national project. The project involves installation different distribution channels nationwide such as laptops, SMS and mobile apps. Rittal made an unprecedented initiative to the ministry of social development and micro finance unit to distribute terminals to eligible families to leverage their financial status.

Geographical Information System

Rittal is implementing GIS-related projects to entities and corporates (SEDC) for service quality and resources optimization

Management information system

Rittal develops systems automation applications and MIS, in addition to customization of collaboration platform like MS SharePoint, Notification application, Web-based supporting application and system automation.

Rittal ICT Integrated Infrastructure

Rittal established an advanced integrated infrastructure in its data center comprising of servers, backup servers, UPS, power and backup supply system.

As for the network redundancy, Rittal established a secure VPN with SEDC through SHDL modem and optical fiber from Sudani and optical fiber from Canar, and Peer to Peer microwave link. The data center is furnished with DR process system.

Rittal also established and operates a 24/7 call center to optimize the support process and realizes the KPI of response time to trouble tickets.


Rittal adopts different internal procedures and policies to insure a safe, organized, convivial, empowering and non-discriminatory work place amongst are:

Health and Safety Policy. Rittal is committed to the principles and goals embodying the health and safety ambiance and surrounding environment.

IT Policy. To ensure the integrity of the IT related processes and procedures.

Quality assurance and compliance policy.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Rittal, as the leading company in Sudan, is regulating its business mechanism by standards embracing its responsibility towards social, ethical, legal and environmental commitments.

As a realization of a proactive initiative, Rittal involved the eligible members of the community to microfinance projects in the business cycle of the electricity e-voucher projects in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Development.

As for the internal workflow process, Rittal articulated a code of conduct to manifest the ethical standards of its management, employees, agents and business partners.

Malik Electric

Malik Electric founded in 1994 in order to satisfy the boom in the construction industry in Sudan. As first step, the company started by getting different agencies for the best known electric products. The company started commercial operations in August 1995. It’s operating with capital of 5 million US dollars. Malik electric is part of Bajafar Brother Multi Activities Companies. The company head office is in Central Market Square #35 , tow showrooms in Alhurria , Alsagana  , the warehouse and workshop in Gabra industrial area. 7 labors.

Our Mission

We are prominent provider of different electric products for Sudan market, we are the preferred supplier to urban and rural developers, government, NGO’s and petroleum companies. We are in the business of supplying and installing from the RF cabling and going down to regular lamps that consists of the best quality and affordable price

Main Customers

–          Ministry Of Electricity

–          Dams Implementation Unit

–          Safat Complex

–          Arak Group

–          Amipharma

–          Altital Oil Mills

–          Cyna Hydro

–          Petronas

Schnieder Electric:

The future will be more and more electrical, with growing needs, new methods of generation and new applications; world leader in electricity and automation management, Schneider Electric is making it safer and easier to use this energy. Present on all continents, the Group contributes to its customers’ performance through its unique offer of products, solutions and services and by a dynamic policy of innovation.

Our top priority:

Customer satisfaction, we nurture close, lasting relationships with our customers and partners to serve their needs as closely as possible.


Distributors, System Integrators, Contractors, Panel-Builders and Specifiers account for a large portion of our sales. These partners provide powerful, strategically-related values and extend and amplify our sales and technical network.

We also sell directly to a broad array of End-Users, such as Electric Utilities. Our focus on Global Strategic Accounts and OEMs is a key part of our strategy.

The Schneider Electric products:

   Well-known and recognized throughout the world, they all guarantee the excellent level of quality, safety, benefits and services associated with the solutions proposed by Schneider Electric..

What Schneider Electric offers?

Schneider Electric delivers efficient solutions across the global energy chain, enabling people to experience and transform efficiency together at home, in enterprise, across the grid, in towns and cities, and in energy-poor countries. Integrated and open, our solutions improve financial performance while conserving resources, for a more sustainable world.

Efficient Home

Improve home comfort, reduce energy bills, be eco-responsible

Efficient Enterprise

Drive enterprise-wide financial performance while conserving resources

Smart Grid 

Drive network stability, integrate renewable, and manage the grid efficiently

Smart Cities

Make cities smarter: more efficient, liveable, and sustainable

Access to energy 

Provides access to reliable, affordable, and clean energy to people at the base of the pyramid with Bipbop programme

Please visit our website on:


Fit is V.A.S company established on2006 at KSA and operating in KSA (headquarters)   – Egypt – Sudan.

In 2007 the company has been established and convert itself form just a content provider to be the leader value added service provider in KSA.  2008 was the beginning of the company’s expansion to Sudan, Syria, Morocco and Egypt.

Our mission:

FIT is dedicated as the first and foremost in providing the highest quality content to meet the needs and demands of the society while achieving an acceptable return on investment. This will be realized in both internally and externally by continuous communication between service owners, operators and community, and by ongoing improvements.

Our vision:

FIT is looking to be the leader company that’s provides a high quality content improves knowledge building community, and to be an interactive medium between the society and its leaders.

Our Scope:

Our main service is to provide the mobile content in the Middle East. Since it is established Fit consider as the biggest value that added content providing in KSA. The commercial active of the company built in basic of multiple models thus the company offers a wide set of products for users via SMS, WAP, IVR and MMS, by building a strong relationship with mediums including media companies, mobile service operator and internet gates.

Our Projects:

FIT has signed many agreements with leaders of the mobile content providers in the region including:

  • MBC group, Almotahedon, bollywood and Elharameen. The company delivers it to the mobile users via different mobile network technologies.
  • FIT Sudan has an IVR license from NTC.
  • FIT Sudan has its direct connectivity from MTN and Sudani
  • FIT Sudan is the aggregator for Sudani 


Who we are:

Sudanile is the first launched electronic newspaper published from Khartoum – Sudan, its first edition was issued on 10th October 2000, it is also a comprehensive & diversified daily newspaper.

Our Trends:

We writ in many fields; political, social, cultural and sport . It is a platform where different opinions are unconditionally guaranteed rights of expression with over 500 writers from all over the world are writing on regular basis.

Sudanile is neither a governmental, nor politically affiliated, nor profitable institution, it is rather an effort of some personalities who devoted their efforts for the sake of the country and for the sake of freedom of expression so that a new generation might be raised free of past ill experiences which shackled Sudan from being a rising nation.

Our Message:

The message of Sudanile is to create a suitable atmosphere for refined culture and acculturation and free exchange of ideas.

Sudanile has greatly managed to convey its message as it has become centre of gravity and one of the most visited Sudanese sites for readers, research institutions, leaders of public opinion and even decision makers as well as foreigners specialized in Sudan’s affairs