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Exclusive Rights

As Bajafar Brothers Advertising has the exclusive right to advertise in Sherouq TV channel which is one of the most watched TV channels among the local channels.

Also as the sole advertising agent of the Taxation Chamber.

Khartoum Land Terminal.

We give you a better choice
Khartoum Land Terminal.. more than 35,000 passengers per day.

Bajafar Brothers Advertising gives your ads a better locations inside Kartoum Land Terminal facilities and premises.

We will give you many choice through our latest technology LEDs & LCDs plus many differents ways and style of advertising.

Bajafar Brothers for advertising succeeded in signing a contract with Mariekh Sports Club, which is considered as a first of its kind, the agreements granted Bajafar Brothers the exclusive right of marketing the team and the exclusive agent of all the promotions of the Merikh club logo and products.

The company had also signed a contract with the Sports Federation of Sudanese football which made Bajafar Advertising Company the sole agents of advertising in its entire stadiums as well as hosting the championships in the country.

The company got the exclusive right for advertising for some States and localities such as Aldaba and Halfa.