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Our Vision

We offer a better solution that satisfy our customers and market needs, and working with different companies and individuals, which lead bajafar to have a competitive advantages over its competitors by reduce the effort, and money in directing the different Media & Marketing plans to its valued customers in timely manner and updating with rapid changes in the Media and advertising world.

Bajafar believes and values:

  • Efficient work result.
  • Fast service delivery
  • Creative ideas.
  • Excellent knowledge and Experience.
  • Competitive price and Quality assurance.
  • Bajafar believes that leading the market not only by overcome competitors, but by convincing customer toward our service and product, and providing the best solution for every problem.
  • Deliver ideas with clear & simplest way.
  • Continues communication with the target customers.
  • Encouraging and helping the investors to deliver his ideas to the public.
  • Full commitment toward work

Bajafar Services:

  • Creative and innovative solutions
  • Organization image development, product, and Trade mark Marketing.
  • Designing and Media production.
  • Our product like: logo design, directory book, web sites design, and work shop internal design.
  • Events Media Management, organizing official and public meeting with high efficiency.

Advertising campaign:

  • Preparing, planning, and organizing the advertising campaigns on; T.V, Radio, Newspaper, Direct sampling distribution, and other advertising ideas.
  • Conference, work shop, and events Management.
  • Prepare and implement the material installation for the companies in the Web sites design and electronic advertising.

Research and Marketing Studies:

  • Prepare the studies and suggestion to enhance products image.
  • Marketing studies for the different Goods and Services.
  • Special services for individuals, and VIP’s.

Bajafar source of power

  • We are always seeking to get the specialist and professional’s people to develop the advertising field.
  • We own the excellent knowledge and experience in the local market, and we are always searching for the changing customer’s needs and the way to implement it in a good manner.
  • We have a deep knowledge on these filed secrets, and we own many resources which enable us to save time and effort to implement all the duties required with a reasonable price.